About Company

How IDEAL Design


Ideal design existed out of passion for helping individuals, start-up initiatives and SME businesses achieving their full potential by providing a comprehensive design solution. Ideal design initially started as a graphic design initiative in 2013 by providing innovative and creative designs.

Realizing that the needs of our clients were growing broader, we implemented dynamic web services and we now strive to meet our clients’ needs on an online level as well.

Client Support

Helping our clients solve problems and assist in planning, installation, training and maintenance or our products.

Client Satisfaction

We strife to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations.

Client Relationship

We believe in lasting relationship with our clients through excellent service.

The timeline of

Our company

We started as an initiative that had a passion for helping others achieve their goals which lead to many more opportunities.

Founded Monique Cloete started Company

Since working for Innovative Modern Women in 2012, Monique started to gain experience in the Graphic Design industry and decided to pursue her passion, she enrolled at the Open Window Institute and thereafter she launched IDEAL Design.

IDEAL Design now offers Website services

We recognised an opportunity to meet our clients needs on an online level as-well and launched Website Design as one of our services.

Launching of Online Database Applications

Realizing the dynamic change in the market where companies started placing high importance on Online Administrative Solutions, we decided to assist our clients in making this change in their businesses as well.


We believe that courage opens the door to the future and new opportunities.


For us respect is the foundation of any relationship with our clients.


Ensures our credibility to our clients.


This makes mutual trust possible.


Leads to recognition and acceptance of our business activities.


Determines our entrepreneurial actions.